Sunday, October 08, 2006

Music player

Today (according to the last post) I've decided to use something other than bmpx. For some hours I've used xmms, but it sucks. No support of gnome. I remembered, that I'd read about some server/daemon music player on Jan Kasprzak's blog long long time ago. But what was the player's name? I had no clue.

I tried to go through his blog again with nothing in return. Suddenly, the idea came. Use google, dude! Yup, it gave me a good result of that what I wanted (using "site:" notation). Music Player Daemon. I grabbed a last version and made rpm packages with some .spec parts from livna orginal srpms.

Now I use it and I'm totally happy. It sits on tcp port 6600 and the protocol is text-based. Everybody might write his own client – there are many clients to choose from. I personally use mpc in text mode (and for key-bindings) and gmpc in gnome graphics. I'm going to write dbus client, but I have to wait for listen interface, that would be implemented shortly.

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