Wednesday, October 11, 2006

My family's health

I've just returned from floorball and my ankle is slightly twisted. The pain has gone, however it will hurt for a month or so. Ouch.

Despite it isn't the worst thing. My nephew caught a cold and has to be at home instead of learning in the school. He is interested in the school-life so much – his first year and he is ill, bad luck.

Nevertheless, there is even worse thing to write. My second nephew is with his mother, my sister, in the hospital. He fell down from his bike, stops breathe and nobody was able to wake him up for a short while. This had happened some times before this accident, but he had woken himself after being in syncope for a while. This simply happens to some children, they are so angry because of the fall, so they don't breathe and faint, then the brain starts to control the heart and lungs properly again. My sister had this syndrome when she was a child. Genes.

His parents decided to do something and he is connected to some devices (such as EKG, EEG et al.) and has to be there till Thursday.

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Vitezslav said...

no at se uzdravi oba dva.