Friday, October 06, 2006

Bmpx is a piece of shit?

I have been using xmms, then bmp, then bmpx. xmms was the best, but is intended for old libraries (I prefer gtk+) and is not-mondern-designed (old libraries, plugins, no dbus et al). bmp was not so bad, but it's discontinued. I decided to try something new some time ago, so I chose bmp-successor: bmpx. It uses gtk2, dbus and hal libs, perfect.

Version 0.2x is poor comparing by functionality, but works. I hoped they will improve this in next releases and will continue in winamp-styled player – very bad hope. What the hell did they do in the 0.3x series? Non-stability, slowness, absolutely no options, stupid library, no shuffle, no repeat, no more dbus control (such in 0.2x versions), no winamp-style, there is just simple window with 6 tabs (library, radios, play queue); blaaah. What is the player like this for? They change all including appearance and functionality in the player per release – they may do that yet another time and they'll loose everybody, who use it for the time being.


Anonymous said...

XMMS used GTK1, BMP used GTK2 just like BMPX uses now.

Stop talking if you don't know what you are talking. :-)

Anonymous said...

You can always learn how to play on a flute if you don't like this player.

Try using it for some time and you'll discover that there's no better available.

gep said...

I'm sorry about libraries mismatch. You are all right. But I don't think it's as important as the rest of the article.

Bmpx doesn't fit my imagination about good player (doesn't have many features, which I want, e.g. play all (thousands) songs and do not wait ages before it loads them after each start), that's all. But it's still possible, that I'll try some release from 0.4 branch (or how the author is going to number the next branch).