Monday, October 29, 2007

fglrx and x1450

After many fights with this driver, it finally works!

I started use it about 8.38* and it never worked with X 7.2 from Fedora 7. I had to use 7.1 from F6. After upgrading to F8 with changed glibc 7.1 X didn't work anymore. I had to install old X proto devel and recompile whole X from F6 and use it with fglrx up to 8.40. No hw acceleration, no video overlay. I couldn't use it with F6 packages too, fglrx kernel module had broken suspend/resume (did you know, that you can use X driver with no need to use the kernel module).

Now I have 8.42.3 with patches from livna package (to have compilable sources on 2.6.23) and lkml (to enable suspend stuff) running on X 7.3 from F8. Also I can have fglrx kernel module loaded, suspend seems to work, hw accel and video overlay enabled, so I'm happy.

Friday, October 26, 2007

gmail & imap

I love it!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

outb_p, outw_p, outl_p, inb_p, inw_p and inl_p in linux kernel

Do you want to know where the definitions of this macros for i386 and x86_64 platform are? Yes? Then you would try cscope as usually. But it shows nothing relevant. You might also try to grep whole sources, but with no reliable output. It's not that easy.

Try to generate preprocessor output by -E switch and it will show you, that you should take a look into asm/io.h (i.e. include/asm-arch/io.h) and … what you see? BUILDIO for i386 and __OUT* macros for x86_64. Ugly. Sometimes, preprocessor output might be useful :).