Monday, December 18, 2006

3:30 doorbell

It was a pretty good night today. I went sleeping and fell asleep about 2 AM (nothing unusual for me). Suddenly, a doorbell rang. Once again. Huh, wtf? I got up and go near the window to see, what happens and to get known what's the clock. It was 3:30 AM and my neighbour stand in front of the house.

"What do you need", I asked. "Could you please wake up your father. Our furnace is out of order and I want it to work", was the answer. Hm, wake up my father? Ok, let's try. Sure, he didn't want to get up, so I must deal with that. I arrange them a meeting in the afternoon and kick him away.

He was going to work (a bus driver) and wanted my father to repair it afternoon. Do these people think, that everybody is woken at the time, they getting up? Why didn't he wait till afternoon (he came at 1 PM again)?

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Broken usb ports on laptop

My father bought an USB extension cord. Good, but the metal is too close to the plastic part in the connector. Both me and him tried to push it into the USB cage, but with no effect, but side effect – we pushed 2 of 4 metal connectors (inside the cage) in 2 of 4 cages, so that no device worked in them from that moment.

We decided to disassemble the notebook, unscrewed about 20 screws and after an hour we were in (this piece is interestingly assembled). Fortunately it was correctable by pushing the connectors up inside the cages and pressing them from the back (inside part of the chasis) to their default position.

NEVER try to push anything into the USB cage not even with minimal force.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Exams are coming

Who is looking forward to them?

Me :D!

Playing with AVR

I've bought Attiny2313 chips (8-bit RISC) and created simple programmer connected to my ntb's parallel port. It's easy to use and easy to program – I use avrdude for programming.

After some playing with blinking LED on the one of the outputs, I've decided to construct something bigger. I had an old LED display from old clock, so I started to write digital clock :). To complete my toughts I also needed 4 NPN transistors, some 10k and 220Ω resistors and crystal with a pair of condensators.

The result is simple, 2 timers, one overflows each 500ms with 9.216 Mhz crystal – for colon blinking and time computing, the latter display numbers on the display (each time, one anode output is on and bound cathodes are 0 or 1 depending on nums arrays in the code.

Let me note, that the display has weird wiring, both right and left couples are bounded each together, so you will need to recompute nums arrays, if you want to use my code :).

Phantom driver

I've finally done phantom driver, at least the first release. It took me some time to go through the Kabi's code and libraries, but It's done and ready to go.

Today I put a doxygen comments to the library header file to describe interface. The only remaining thing now is to cope with overheating and checking big force, which was done in kernelspace in previous version. It should be augmentation only by few lines of code to avoid problems and the driver will be safer.