Thursday, March 08, 2007

Sensable phantom driver

Good news to write is, that Sensable shows people sourcecode for their 2.4 Linux PHANToM driver. That means, everybody can sort out, how things work and use the know-how in their 2.6 driver.

This is exactly the thing, I've done. I have a 2.6 driver based on real basis, not rtc hack and ready to submit upstream :), whoooo, except the fact, that I'll probably rewrite it to standard force feedback layer before sumbit #2, as Dmitry Torokhov suggests.

The world becomes nice.

RAID1 is recovering

This means, everything went fine, RAID is now copying blocks to the spare device and user data stays intact :).

Thursday, March 01, 2007

RAID1 assembly

After a month or so of running degraded RAID1 on the new disk to test it in our lab server (with almost daily backups on the old one) and since S.M.A.R.T. with its tests was silent, I've decided to finish the job of moving homes to the raid on the fly. The first step was done – repartitioning of the old one. Now I'm going to restart and move the old root to the end of the disk to have enough space for the raid partition. Keep one's finger crossed, please, I'll keep you informed.

Solaris, qemu and audio

After proper load of network driver, there is still one thing to do in Solaris + qemu – audio is defunct. According to Solaris HCL, audio1371 is for es1370 hardware (pci1274,5000). You can obtain a copy of audio drivers from site. After bunzipping, you can pkgadd -d it. Note, that you need only TOOLSSbpro driver, so that you may tell the installer not to install all the drivers from the package.

The next obvoius thing is to add_drv -i '"pci1274,5000"' audio1371, touch /reconfigure and reboot. Enjoy the audio :).

Solaris, qemu and network

When I was playing with Solaris 9 under qemu, I needed to install driver for network adapter (the default ne2k_pci). Rtl8139 neither other options doesn't seem to work not even in linux. Lspci says nothing when -net nic,model=<anything but ne2k_pci> is used in linux, the same result for prtconf in Solaris.

To get it right I've tried nei driver without success. Next thing I was told to test by google (and maybe Solaris HCL) was ni driver from this page. And it works, despite it's marked as beta. (You would propbably need to add_drv -i '"pci10ec,8029"' ni to add the driver, touch /reconfigure to tell Solaris to recheck hardware and reboot. Remember to create /etc/hostname.ni0 and /etc/dhcp.ni0 if you want to use dhcp client on this adapter (as you want to on qemu).

Just a note, use ls more than I. I installed gcc and make and after that I figured out, that there is already a binary driver in i386 (alias obj) dir. So you don't need to compile anything, if you don't want to.