Sunday, September 24, 2006

Playing with Vista RC1

Vista RC1 is out for some time and the first computer (with directx 9 graphic card) with Vista preinstalled came to me today. Cool. First impression is the system is cool, at least skin seems to be very impressive. Fine. I started to work with that, mainly system configuration.

I don't know why did they change almost everything including configuration and control panel, strange – I was unable to find network configuration for a long time for example. Nevermind, we have to get used, but why the hell does it ask when changing some system settings if I really know what am I doing (continue-cancel question)? Aaargh. It can be switched off in user profiles, but what is that for (i.e. what kind of security enhancement? every user will click on continue, doesn't he)?

After configuration of network I can finally test Internet Explorer. That nice thing with tabbed browsing hangs in 5-10 minutes intervals. When you click on something in domain (mainly the menu on the left), it does nothing – Loading...; Done, no change, as if you never clicked. I had to copy and paste that address into address bar and click on go-to. IE7 needs much work and is still not eligible to be a superb web-browser like Firefox or Opera are, blaah. Furthermore IE wasn't able to open, I really don't understand why. When I tested it on laptop the domain worked.

If Microsoft is prepared to release final version of this piece of *), I have to utter the system is not ready until SP1 is released. System behaves strange in some situations, we can call it Microsoft Hell for the time being.

*) whatever you want

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