Monday, September 25, 2006

Freecom DVB-T under linux

My friend bought a Freecom DVB-T reciever and apply me to make it working under Linux operating system.

I asked him to put the usb device into the slot to see what Vendor and Product ID it is. I found out by lsusb command it has 14aa:0225 IDs. I started to investigate which driver could take control of that device, unfortunately there was no such driver in vanilla kernel.

Ok, he has kubuntu 6.06 installed, so I compiled a little bit altered vanilla kernel with make-kpkg and he installed it and rebooted. Unfortunately changes from v4l tree, that I used didn't helped, there were some unresolved symbols, so I decided to compile clean vanilla and install modules from v4l snapshot. Yup, this worked (I was able to load those modules). The driver requested firmware and the device switched to warm state with product ID 0226.

The rest was on him, he tried to scan with absolutely nothing in return. He tried hard. No way. He forgot to change the location of search. He changed it and he stopped to communicate with me, because he is watching TV all the day 8-). Nice co-work.

Furthermore, remote controller works better than in Windows and he is very glad.


Nesmrtelny said...

Thanks a lot. I bought this reciever because it works under the linux. I try to instal it myself, but i am a little king on this.
I have a windows experience profesional too. I've installed a lot of software, but remote control does not work, screen was not so clear and it takes a lot of CPU.
Gep save me. God bless GEP

THANKS again

gep said...

You're welcome, heh :).