Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Playing with AVR

I've bought Attiny2313 chips (8-bit RISC) and created simple programmer connected to my ntb's parallel port. It's easy to use and easy to program – I use avrdude for programming.

After some playing with blinking LED on the one of the outputs, I've decided to construct something bigger. I had an old LED display from old clock, so I started to write digital clock :). To complete my toughts I also needed 4 NPN transistors, some 10k and 220Ω resistors and crystal with a pair of condensators.

The result is simple, 2 timers, one overflows each 500ms with 9.216 Mhz crystal – for colon blinking and time computing, the latter display numbers on the display (each time, one anode output is on and bound cathodes are 0 or 1 depending on nums arrays in the code.

Let me note, that the display has weird wiring, both right and left couples are bounded each together, so you will need to recompute nums arrays, if you want to use my code :).

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